Tokyo Trip Packing Tips

I have been lucky enough to visit Tokyo multiple times in the last year and have subsequently (almost) perfected the art of fitting 5 days’ worth of travel essentials into just one piece of carry-on luggage. The trick is to whittle your wardrobe down to the absolute essentials or core pieces whilst leaving adequate space for those all-important and completely unavoidable purchases as a result of traversing the magnificent Tokyo shopping areas. It’s worth taking note that the Japanese are quite simply the most stylish nation I have ever encountered and you’ll find it hard not to be tempted to look the part whilst you’re there, picking up ‘necessary’ items as you go. Here’s a few of my top Tokyo purchases that have become part of my core city break pieces.

ScrubySnacks’ top four Tokyo city break purchases:

1. My trusty soft black leather convertible hand bag / back pack. This is honestly one of the best hand bag purchases I have ever made. Not only does it fit everything in for a day out in the city, it means that I can also wear it on two shoulders if the contents get too heavy or if I am power-walking my way through busy streets. It also looks super sleek, meaning an effortless transition from day to evening. I seriously don’t know what I did without it! I purchased mine from the EAR Papillion store in Ginza.

2. My wonderfully dependable Nike Free trainers in black. Smart enough to wear during the day with casual clothing, they are the only shoes that never rub, no matter what the conditions are outside. They also double as a fabulous work out shoe so there’s no need to pack an extra pair. I bought mine at the Nike Factory Store located at Venus Fort in Odaiba.

Nike Free Trainers
Nike Free Trainers

3. A featherweight, folding umbrella, which offers protection against both an unexpected shower or the harsh UV rays. I actually pick up several of these every time I am in Tokyo as they make fantastic gifts. Hakuhinkan Toy Park in Ginza has a huge selection and are very reasonably priced.

4. My ingenious all seasons reversible A-line skirt. What a cracking purchase. I can choose between a more casual black and white gingham printed design on one side or quickly turn it inside out to reveal a classic black skirt to go with practically anything. Worn with a smart black cropped cashmere, short sleeved jumper or t-shirt, this clever little number offers a smooth transition from a day out in the city to impromptu evening drinks. I purchased mine from the Elle store in Ginza. Even better, it takes up about the same amount of space as a folded up newspaper. All skirts should be designed this way!



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