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During my most recent flight on British Airways, I was lucky enough to grab one of the last remaining seats upstairs, often referred to as ‘The Bubble’ in the World Traveller cabin on the mighty A380 aircraft. Located at the rear of the aircraft, this much sought after cabin consists of a 2-4-2 seat configuration and just 4 rows in total, resulting in a feeling of exclusivity with a real sense of space.

The new seats are very comfortable, providing super support thanks to the ample seat width, good legroom and adjustable headrest. I did notice that the window seats came complete with their own personal storage chests located between the seat and the window. Positioned in an aisle seat, I was forced to place my bag in the very limited space available in the overhead lockers, but at least it avoided any interruption from my fellow passenger, who spent much of the journey rummaging around for items in her own storage facility.


Comfy fleece blankets, headsets and a toothbrush were provided, but surprisingly no in-flight socks. Considering this journey was just under 12 hours, I was a little disappointed but thankfully I had packed my trusty folding slippers to change into (see Economy Class Travel Tips blog).


The inflight entertainment system was very good, offering a fine plethora of brand new blockbuster films and TV programmes to choose from. The touch sensitive, adjustable screen was extremely simple to use and there was also an in-seat USB charging point, which is incredibly handy especially on long-haul flights.


The familiar clatter of the drinks trolley resounded within the first hour of being in the air which was quite remarkable considering just how many thirsty passengers are seated on the A380 aircraft. I must say, I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed by the lack of a small bag of nuts or savoury snacks to go with my obligatory tomato juice (with ice and a slice), but thankfully I had managed to grab a bite at Heathrow Airport’s grand Terminal 5 before boarding to keep away any serious hunger pangs.

The in-flight food service commenced around 2 hours into the flight. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious and filling the meal was in comparison to other economy class meals I had recently encountered (hence the previously procured Terminal 5 snack).

The meal choices were stir fried chicken or veggie lasagne, and I decided to opt for the latter. This was served with a sizeable but stone cold focaccia bread roll, imprisoned in a plastic bag. Thankfully a quick stint on top of the piping hot lasagne lid resulted in a delicious herb filled buttery roll. The appetizer of a cold rice and vegetable salad was a refreshing start before I tucked into the lasagne, which was creamy, tasty and very filling. The stand out had to be the rich Lily O’Brien’s Doubly Delicious Dark Chocolate Mousse with Butterscotch Sauce which was simply out of this world – rich, sweet, smooth and extremely moreish. The mini packet of Tic Tacs and the Spanish wine was a fine finish to a satisfying meal.

A very well rounded, enjoyable inflight meal
A very well rounded, enjoyable inflight meal
An indulgent and delicious dessert
An indulgent and delicious dessert
A lovely little Spanish red
A lovely little Spanish red


On this occasion, I was generally very pleased with the British Airways’ World Traveller product. I must add that the overall cabin cleanliness and presentation of the crew members was also very well received. If you do happen to be travelling on the A380 aircraft, it really is worth trying to book a seat upstairs in advance. It offers a real sense of space and privacy and if you also manage to secure a window seat, you can enjoy the benefits of having your own personal storage area too.



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