Sweet ScrubySnacks Dreams

ScrubySnacks is a huge fan of a good night’s sleep, but then who isn’t?

The thing about traveling so often is that you tend to find yourself enjoying a far more restful and comfortable night’s sleep in hotel beds rather than the one you spend most of your time in at home. Sinking below those 800 thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets that have been perfectly starched and pressed, along with those beautifully plumped up feather-filled pillows and duvets, who wouldn’t sleep like a baby in a bed that’s fit for a king.

Hotel beds are the best
The sheer sight of  white sheets sends me into a fit of excitement

I found it particularly interesting to find out that Westin Hotels & Resorts were clever enough to react to their hotel guests’ responses involving just how much they enjoyed the cosiness and luxurious feel of their hotel room beds, subsequently launching their own ‘Heavenly Beds’ range, offering the same plush furnishings found in their prestigious properties for the public to purchase. Now everyone is able to experience the sheer satisfaction of a high quality, restful night’s sleep in the comfort of their own home.

This story actually resonates on a personal level. During our honeymoon in India, we enjoyed a glorious stay at the outstanding Brunton Boatyard Hotel in Cochin. I was so impressed and indeed overwhelmed by the comfort of our hotel suite’s bed, that I actually woke up in the middle of the night only to find myself wildly tugging away the pristine white cotton sheets to reveal the manufacturer’s name on the mattress. Never before had I experienced a bed that could only be described quite simply as a ‘bed of dough’ and at that very point it was imperative that I found out who had created this incredible masterpiece of bedroom furnishing. Half asleep and subsequently half expecting to find an actual large, fluffy cloud under those sheets, I eventually found the strength to lift up a corner of the huge mattress to see the words ‘King Koil’ printed on a piece of satin stitched to its corner.

The infamous bed at Brunton Boatyard, Cochin
The infamous King Koil bed at Brunton Boatyard, Cochin

Within moments of reaching home, I was frantically scanning the internet to find out where on earth I could purchase the very same pillow topped mattress and bed of my dreams. I was so happy when I eventually received my very own King Koil ‘bed of dough’ which now adorns our bedroom, enabling me to mimic that sensationally superior sleep I enjoyed so very much during those heavenly hot summer nights in Cochin.

All I need now is for someone to come and make my bed each morning, and decorate it with fresh fluffy towels cleverly shaped into swans, accompanied by a generous sprinkling of fresh red rose petals. Now that would be a dream come true!


3 thoughts on “Sweet ScrubySnacks Dreams

  1. It’s amazing to get the amazing good night sleep you get in some hotels at home. Congratulations for finding your dream bedding. If we would all just have a maid to make the bed each morning 🙂


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