City Day Trip Essentials

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a fleeting business trip, it’s always worth making the most of the city you find yourself in. Once you’ve freed up some time for appreciation and exploration, it’s time to pack your day bag with all the essential items before hitting the streets for the day and most probably, well into the evening. Here’s a few of my favourite things I like to keep to hand.

My essential items for a city day trip:

  • A comfortable yet stylish day to night bag is a must. My faithful black leather convertible shoulder bag / back pack seamlessly transitions from a chic yet practical back pack during the day, to a funky single strap evening bag in just one move
Black leather convertible bag - backpack
Black leather convertible bag – backpack mode
Black leather convertible bag - shoulder
Black leather convertible bag – shoulder bag mode
  • A lightweight foldable umbrella ready to offer shelter from the sweltering sun or the unexpected shower
Lightweight folding umbrella
The emergency umbrella
  • Smart black trainers, pumps or comfortable ankle boots are a good option as they can be worn all day and into the night
Smart black trainers
My well-loved black Nike Free trainers
  • A classic pair of lightweight or foldable sunglasses which offer shade from the sun’s glare without taking up valuable bag real estate
Folding Wayfarers
Hardly there folding Ray-Ban Wayfarers
  • A fully charged lithium battery pack for my mobile phone just in case
  • A smart black cashmere cardigan or pashmina for that extra layer of warmth or added glamour when required
  • A bottle of water for re-hydration
  • Depending on the destination, I always have a travel-sized bottle of sunscreen and insect repellent. Plus, chances are that everyone you meet will also want to borrow some!
Mini sunscreen and insect repellent
Keep those harsh sun rays and insects at bay
  • If you find yourself in a foreign country where English is not broadly spoken or understood, ask your hotel concierge or receptionist to provide you with a card stating the hotel name and address in the local language. This is particularly handy should you need to get a taxi back or require directions from a local resident

    Hotel card with details in local language
    Hotel details with local language

SCRUBYSNACKS TIP: Make sure you utilise the complimentary Wi-Fi in your hotel before you set off for the day. Download a map of the whole area onto your smartphone via the Maps or Google Maps app. This is a valuable resource if you’re planning to completely lose yourself in the wonderfully exciting city streets. Once you have pre-downloaded the map, you won’t need to turn on your data whilst you are out and about. Downloading the app is also particularly handy if you want to keep an eye on how much items cost and ensuring you stick to your budget.

What are your essential items you simply cannot do without during a city trip?


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